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Success Stories

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Silbert Chiropractic Clinic patient testimonials below and please Click here to email us or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Wellness,
Dr. David Silbert

“Definitely The Best Experience”

Dr. Silbert is a caring, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable practitioner. My appointments not only relieved my pain but also my mind, as he patiently gave me more insight as to what what was really happening in my body. He was very reassuring and confident that he could help my condition. Definitely the best experience I have ever had with anyone in the medical field.

~Kate J.

“Active Release Therapy”

I found the staff at this office to be very friendly and helpful. They made me feel like an old friend. Surprisingly I was recommended by an ER doctor for “Active Release Therapy ” on my back and was surprised to learn that Dr. Silbert is the only chiropractor within about an hour drive that does this therapy. It is a slow process and I’ve only had 2 appointments but I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you.

~Cindy R.

“My training has resumed to my competitive level”

While home training this summer, I began to encounter discomfort while working out. The joints around my knee where giving me pain. My greatest fear was I would have to give up my bobsled racing. A family friend recommended I see Dr. Silbert. After one visit I noticed a difference right away. My body is moving better and my training has resumed to my competitive level. The success of my office visits has made my teammates want to see Dr. Silber.

~Valerie S. USA Women Bobsled Team

Valorie Smith02

Valerie S. USA Women Bobsled Team

Valorie Smith-page01

Valerie training

“I noticed an immediate improvement after one visit…”

In 2007, I was hospitalized on 5 different occasions due to severe pain, bed ridden, unable to walk with very high blood pressure and pulse rate without any normal lifestyle. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (R.A.), fibromyalgia and atrial fibrillation. I was on a high dose of Prednisone, Methotrexate, Enbrel and heart medicine to regulate my heart rate.

I became under the care of Dr. Anne Abrahamson, M.D., Physical Therapist, who referred me to Dr. David Silbert, D.C. Chiropractic Care who uses a technique call ART (Active Release Technique). He not only keeps my spine aligned, but also helps me with very severe pain in my muscles and ligaments when I am in a R. A. flare by using the Active Release Technique. I have been to other chiropractors, but this is totally a new experience.Read more…

Along with the recommendation of Dr. Williams Athens. Sr., D.O., I no longer take heart medication because of over-all health improvement due to the care of Dr. Anne Abrahamson, M.D. and Dr. David Silbert, a wellness chiropractor. It was a long road to recovery, but also, I no longer take the cancer drug, Methotrexate, decreased does of Prednisone from 25 mg, no bone density drugs(which made me very sick) and only take weekly injections of Enbrel and monitored pain medications.

I noticed an immediate improvement after 1 visit with Dr. Silbert, and, of course, maintained following visits until the issue to the existing problem was resolved.   I call him the (Miracle Worker)  as I am always astonished at my well-being after my visits. Once my finger was turned inward and I could not straighten it due to my R.A. condition and , lo and behold , the doctor rectified my problem. Sometimes , months go by without any problems or flare-ups witch is a “joy” to lead a half-way decent life.

In July 2012, I adopted a rescue Pomeranian Dog, Named Hailey, and we have not missed a daily walk- snow, rain, or shine! I sometimes wonder “who rescued who”!  – Elaine Poshaldo

“Dr. Silbert treats the whole patient, not just the symptoms”

My son, 17 plays National Premier League soccer and captains U of D Jesuit s DI high school team. His left knee began to give him pain and a well regarded (Olympic level) sports medicine doctor prescribed therapy for the knee–which worked for a while. Nicks knee went very bad 3 weeks before tryouts. The sports medicine doctor prescribed surgical level intervention. Dr Silbert examined Nicks knee and treated various related areas  for 5 sessions and prescribed exercises. Nick moved up to Vardar NPL during tryouts, is captaining U of D Jesuits team his senior year and entertaining college prospects.  Dr Silbert treats the whole patient, not the symptoms. ~John Mularoni

“Being a patient of Dr. Silbert’s has been a positive experience”

I found out about chiropractic care from my wife who is a patient of Dr. Silbert’s. I have Type II Diabetes, hypertension, high Cholesterol, gout, lower back Pain and knee pain. The dietary restrictions can be hard at times. The main problem that interferes with my daily routine is knee pain. I had no fear other than I hoped I could be helped as much as you helped my wife. The most pleasant surprise was that Dr. Silbert found out that my back being out of alignment was causing my knee pain. After only one adjustment, the pain in my knee had subsided greatly. I was able to move around more freely without horrible pain. By being more active, I lost weight, my cholesterol is within normal limits. The hypertension I suffered from before isn’t there. My blood pressure medication was cut in half. Not only is my entire well being improved but I feel so much better and healthier.Read more…

I have learned how to keep pain from coming back in my knee by doing stretching exercises. Less pain = being able to move freely! More movement = more weight loss. Weight loss = better health. Better health = higher quality of life! People have noticed the weight loss and how much easier it is for me to be active. I tell them it’s all due to my wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Silbert! Being a patient of Dr. Silbert has been such a positive experience. Since the pain in my knee is under control now my life is so much more active and enjoyable. Not to mention being able to stand all day at work and not be in pain. If I do feel any type of discomfort, I know exactly what to do in order to take it away. Thank you so very much, Dr. Silbert for helping me get in better health and feel great. ~Ron Campbell

My daughter who was being treated for her back trouble told me about chiropractic. I have many health problems. I’m a diabetic, overweight, have back trouble and am a candidate for knee replacement. These problems DEFINETLY interfered with my daily routine! I could hardly get down the steps, and if I did, I’d have to crawl back up them! After my first adjustment I felt so much better that I missed my next appointment because I wasn’t hurting so much. Since I have been on a regular schedule of treatment, I feel good all the time and for the most part I’m pain free…if I follow the doctor’s instructions and see him on a regular schedule. I thought I was going to have to have back surgery, knee replacements and be tied to a walker for the rest of my life…now; I use NONE of these and have had NO surgery! Thank you so much Dr. Silbert! ~Betty Greutman

Bud and Peggie Reed

Bud and Peggie Reed

I would like to thank you for the high quality level of personal care you have given not only to myself, but to my husband Bud. He has suffered back pain for many years. He has stated to me recently that you have provided him more relief from his back pain in a short period of time than prior treatments, including other chiropractors in the past. He also states that your attention to all details makes a difference in the care you have provided for him. He appreciates all the adjustments to alleviate his pain, as well as the little tips on not carrying a heavy wallet, and lightening your load in your pants pockets while working. Just those little bits of advice have made his work day much more comfortable.Read more…

As for me, you have provided the most professional care, in a very relaxed atmosphere. You have brought me from the depths of extreme pain, to a very comfortable, manageable level, that seems to improve more each day. I’ve had to spend time taking care of myself, as you have taught me, and with your treatments and advice, it has been a lesson well learned.

We both have you to thank for enhancing our summer. After my ankle/foot injury on Memorial Day, it seemed like a very dreary summer. But with your treatment and recommendations, I am coming along very nicely. Bud saw how well I responded to your treatment after my injury, that he thought he would give it a try for his back pain. He and I have both improved due to your chiropractic care, and we would both like to sincerely thank you for giving us back our summer.

Last weekend we went to the Nascar race and I walked many miles on my ankle/foot. Thanks to you………..I DID IT!

Dr. Silbert, we both thank you for your high quality of care, and your professional treatment. Natural treatment and your care have helped both of us, and have also taught us to change life long bad habits that we had, and now we have made changes that will only continue to improve our life and our lifestyle. THANK YOU! ~ Bud and Peggie Reed

“Do yourself a favor and visit Dr. Silbert”

Dr. Silbert definitely goes above and beyond any health care that I have ever experienced in my 30+ years of consulting several chiropractors and medical professionals. My experiences with Dr. Silbert were more in-depth; it wasn’t just a typical ‘adjustment’ and hopefully the pain will subside after the swelling goes down.

Dr. Silbert’s attention to detail and knowledge of muscular activity far exceeds most of the medical professionals out there. Many of them like to prescribe drugs and perform operative procedures to correct functions that Dr. Silbert seems to have a knack for manipulation with minimal recovery and limited pain after the treatment. I cannot begin to compliment the professional care I received from the Silbert Chiropractic team over the past year!Read more…

My previous chiropractor spent six weeks giving me what they called a “maintenance adjustment and that my muscle spasm would eventually subside, hopefully…” After that comment, I lost all confidence in them when I inquired as to why they were not treating the muscle, which was the issue. They had no answer! Dr. Silbert, when I first met him, observed my ailment and was able to immediately identify what the cause was and began treatments. After the first manipulation, and exercise, my pain began to subside – almost immediate improvement. My overall health was better; I had more energy, a sense of harmony, and above all, better sleeping patterns.

In my professional opinion, not all medical services are the same. It is with the highest regard that I not only compliment but recommend Silbert Chiropractic to ANYONE and everyone who has experienced any discomfort due to injury or other activities, or if they have tried a chiropractor in the past with little or no luck. Please, do yourself a favor and at least visit Dr. Silbert; that first visit will give you enough confidence to continue – or better yet, make an educated decision to continue – with the services they provide. ~Michael C. Marrs, Ph.D.

Carol Campbell

Carol Campbell

I have numerous health problems, mainly in my back. Such as a herniated L5-S1 disc, degenerative disc disease, bulging disc at L4 – L5, Peripheral neuropathy – bilaterally, and my left knee buckles due to meniscal tear.

These back and leg problems took away my life for the past 10 years. The constant pain and muscle weakness prevented me from working as a nurse. During the last three years the nerve pain in my leg was unbearable most days. The burning and throbbing of my legs and both feet prevented me from getting a full nights sleep. I was unable to walk very far without the left leg getting heavy and then the left knee would buckle and I would fall. Standing for longer than 10 – 15 minutes would cause horrible throbbing and burning pain in my lower back and legs. Sitting for longer than 20 minutes would cause aching and throbbing in my lower back.Read more…

All my daily activities were very limited due to the pain and weakness. Cooking was very minimal, housework wasn’t done on a regular basis and I needed help doing even the smallest task. After everyday activity I tried to do, I had to ice my back and lay down to get relief. The pain pills I had didn’t give me any relief. I had physical therapy on a regular basis for the past 10 years. There was minimal relief, with the pain coming back in less than 30 min – an hour after each session. I continued with the home exercise program twice a day without any relief.

With only three visits to Dr. Silbert I noticed a marked improvement. My left leg didn’t buckle as much; the throbbing in my legs was greatly reduced to the point where I could sleep for 6 – 7 hours straight. The burning in the soles of my feet is gone. I am able to walk in a store without my back aching and legs going numb. The housework is improving, but for now I am not going to overexert myself.

Going to Dr. Silbert has been a lifesaver for me. He has given me my life back. In the near future I am going to return to work as a nurse, and then my livelihood will be restored.

My entire family extends their gratitude to Dr. Silbert for helping me get my mobility back and end the constant pain I was in.

I would recommend Dr. Silbert to everyone who is having back or leg pain. I will always be grateful to Dr. Silbert for helping me begin to live again! ~Carol Campbell

Joe DaSilva Jr.

Joe DaSilva Jr.

I was referred to Dr. Silbert by one of his patients, my long time friend, Gary Moore. I have lower back pain caused by previous shoulder injuries. It was very difficult to get through my day. It hurt me to pick up my son and as a firefighter, it also made my duties painful at times. I noticed improvement of my symptoms after the second visit. After a few more visits my symptoms were mostly alleviated. Overall, my entire body felt better. My movements felt freer and my flexibility was improved. I recommend Dr. Silbert to others without hesitation! The staff is always courteous. Dr. Silbert is knowledgeable and sensitive to my issues. In addition, I appreciated his attitude in helping me in all ways. I would recommend him to all my police and firefighter peers. ~ Joe DaSilva Jr.

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