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Meet Dr. David Silbert

“I Felt a Sharp Pain that Took my Breath Away”

Southgate Chiropractor Dr. David Silbert

Dr. David Silbert

I injured my back while working as a canoe guide in Algonquin Park. I was portaging a canoe when I felt a sharp pain between my shoulder blades that took my breath away. After returning home and having a second episode of sharp pain that came with each breath I consulted a medical doctor. I was told that I needed surgery. My friend convinced me to see his father, a chiropractor. I had never heard of chiropractic before. I saw his dad, he moved my bones, and I got up and felt great! A couple of years later I looked into chiropractic as a career. It was for me! Twenty five years later, I look forward to coming to my office everyday.

A Chiropractic Education

I attended Wayne State University, then Life Chiropractic College where I earned my D.C. degree. I then attended National Chiropractic College for a post graduate degree in physiological therapeutics. I am also a Diplomate of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. I obtained advanced certification from the Spinal Research Institute of San Diego. I am a Diplomat of the American Board of Disability Analysts. I have completed 300 classroom hours to acquire a Diplomate in Chiropractic Rehabilitation. I also provide apprenticeship for medical residents in training programs through Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. I have licensure is Michigan and Illinois.

Being the Best Matters

We continue to succeed where others fell short, whether it’s chiropractic, physical therapy or medication. I work with other health care professionals to provide you with the best possible health care. Rehabilitation, self-care and prevention are emphasized to reduce the potential re-injury or relapse.

I consider myself an exceptional listener and look forward to the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your particular health challenge. Give my office a call or Click here to email me.

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