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Helping people to live more active lifestyles for nearly 30 years.


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Dr. David Silbert and family

Dr. David Silbert and family

Wyandotte chiropractor, Dr. David Silbert takes a functional medicine approach to your health care. At Silbert Chiropractic Clinic, we use evidence gained from our comprehensive assessment program to determine how best to help you.

Functional medicine will address the underlying causes of the problems you’re experiencing. We’ll then determine the best way to treat you and prevent your problem from coming back. The options we offer include:

Sports Medicine Expertise

For nearly 30 years, Dr. David has helped people to live a more active lifestyle. Athletes from the high school to professional level have seen injuries heal and their performance improve under care at our office. Area track, basketball and softball teams often see us, and we’ll even watch a recording of your events or practice to evaluate how we can help you.

Helping You Move Better

Dr. David’s comprehensive assessment process includes a functional movement assessment to determine where your problems are. He’ll work with you to get you better quickly. You won’t have to return to our office for repeated treatments. Instead, care plans usually involve no more than 12 visits. We welcome you to return when you feel you need us again.

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